This little one’s description is a bit more personal than most, so… bear with me. (heh? heeeeh?)

This black bear marks an unexpected change in my life. I had received it just before leaving for a several month work trip that ended abruptly due to a unsafe, threatening situation that myself and several colleagues chose to remove ourselves from. Not only did I never envision myself walking off set, but I also never envisioned not being willing to give up everything for my career. It had been my love and identity for all of my adult life.

When I returned to my studio, this beautifully mournful bear was waiting for me. The moment my dremel touched its skull I broke down in uncontrollable tears. I was overcome by its energy and need for me, and shocked that I had allowed something else to take me away from it for so long. This little bear was holding onto so much power and sadness, and releasing that mirrored back so perfectly onto my own life.

This bear is a shift. A realization that identity and priorities change, and that while the old is still valued and important, shifts often need to occur to make room for the new.

This bear, found in the wilds of upstate NY, made its way to me thorough a someone that’s turned into one of the most powerful, challenging, and rewarding connections I’ve had. This bear is many things, and in its carve I released as much as my personal trauma as its own.

This little bear is mounted by River T. Posted on black walnut with its bonded labradorite gem stone.

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