Boar In Bloom



This little boar found her way to me in a peculiar shape- masking tape was almost fused onto her forehead, and there was a tagging number behind where her ears once was. She was muted, almost extinguished, and it was clear to me that she had been filed away as an object for so long that she had forgotten what it was like to be a wild spirit. I cleaned her up, and promised that I would help her be beautiful and wild again.

We started when it was spring in Portland, and the cherry blossoms were kissing my studio with a dusting of their pink snow. I grew up on the east coast in a house with a magnificent cherry tree, and every year I associated the blossoms as a bright, promising awaking after the harsh winter. Since she didn’t quite know what she wanted, I thought that it was fitting to adorn her with a beautiful fresh start in full bloom. It took a bit for this timid boar to believe me, but soon she found her voice and started directing the carve herself, adding a beautiful moon lit landscape. I only intended on staining the blossoms, but as you can see she wanted all the full, vibrant colors of spring!

This reborn warthog is completed by a one of a kind black walnut mount created by, fully ensuring that her beautiful, wild spirit will never be forgotten again.  For purchasing information, contact or visit The Fernie Brae in Portland, OR.

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